Bitcoin Splits: New Bitcoin Cash (BCC) Generated

A new Digital Currency “Bitcoin Cash” (BCC) has been generated after splitting Bitcoin. Bitcoin was officially split and Bitcoin was born when block number 478559 mined in less than 2MB in size. Bitcoin Cash is an alternate currency is generated after months of chain split. Bitcoin Cash is promoted by the minority of developers mainly from China; who want to increase its process and transaction capacity.

Bitcoin Splits to Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin saw a fall of 4.6 percent to $2,729 on Monday while Bitcoin Cash initially rose to $422 to see 48 percent gain while then drop to $216, nearly 26 percent.

Only a few miners are showing interest in Bitcoin Cash and contributing their computing power in processing the new block chain; which resulted in taking 6 hours to mine the first block of Bitcoin Cash Coins. Till now only 12 blocks are mined, the last one was mined 10 hours back.

Benefits of Bitcoin Cash

Benefits of Bitcoin Cash

  • Bitcoin Cash will be able to mine at 2MB. While Bitcoin can be as large as 8MB. In BItcoin 1MB of Data can be only added every 10 minutes which makes it slower.

  • Users who had Bitcoin before the split will have an equal number of Bitcoin Cash for free; which will help them to gain users and initial trade. Also, users can use them for trading as flat currencies. 

  • Less computing power will be required.


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