Solve Prioritize Visible Content Error in Blogger (BlogSpot)

Google’s PageSpeed Insights is the tool to measures the performance of page for both mobile and desktop versions. While being Google tools every Website Developer and Blogger wants to gain high-performance score (on 0 to 100) to improve SEO. It provides recommendations to improve the score. But blogger’s using Blogger (BlogSpot), Prioritize Visible Content is one of the common recommendation.

Solve Prioritize Visible Content Error in Blogger (BlogSpot)

What is Prioritize Visible Content?

First, let’s look what is Visible Content. Visible content is the portion of the web page which is currently visible in the browser window. While with Visible content Google here means the content above the fold; web page visible to the users when page first loads. So Prioritize visible content means to show the above the fold content first then loading the rest of the content later to improve user’s experience.

Above the Fold Content (Prioritize Visible Content)

Reason for Prioritize Visible Content Error?

This occurs when the external resource such as CSS, JavaScript images etc are loaded after the parsing of the HTML which is required for above the fold content. This means rendering is required; to get the final touch of the above the fold content, external resources are required.

Reason for Prioritize Visible Content

Reasons for Prioritize Visible Content Error in Blogger (BlogSpot)?

If you are getting this error, this means your theme is not properly designed.

In BlogSpot, this usually occurs due to use of external JavaScript or CSS file for the above the fold content.  To be in specific main reason for are:
  • Using Slider in the Blogger theme or template
  • Using ticker in the Blogger theme or template
  • Using Mobile menu JavaScript
This all is due to the use of JQuery JavaScript. While this is an important and licensed script you cannot remove or modify or copy it. And this script is also a reason for Render Blocking Script in Blogger.

Reason for Prioritize Visible Content in BlogSpot

How to Solve Prioritize Visible Content in Blogger (BlogSpot) show in Google PageSpeed Insight?

While Google also states how to solve this error but, it is ineffective in Blogger and only works in other Content Management System (CMS) or normally designed website. The two ways which Google recommend are:
  • Structuring the HTML code so that the important content above the fold first ( HTML of Blogger Theme is already structured in this way)
  • Reducing the use of external resources that means coding manually the whole upper fold design for which you need great website designing ability.

Prioritize Visible Content in BlogSpot Solved

Method to remove Prioritize Visible Content error in Google PageSpeed Insight for website hosted on Blogger (BlogSpot)

#Method 1: Use Fewer Feature

Use any one feature among slider, ticker or mobile menu. I would recommend using Mobile menu because with the increase of mobile users you must focus on it.

#Method 2: Use inline CSS and JavaScript

Use CSS based mobile menu and inline JavaScript slider and ticker.

#Method 3: Avoid the use of (Ticker, Slider and Mobile Menu)

Avoiding the use of these features will surely solve your problem and also you can "async" you JQuery JavaScript which will improve your performance more and also help in removing Render Blocking JavaScript error.

After using these three methods also your Prioritize Visible Content error is not removed then your BlogSpot theme required some serious customization.

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